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YERRR, yes I am from NYC (Uptown Manhattan - Washington Heights). I currently don't live there anymore but NYC will forever hold my heart. I am Afro-Latina: Dominican. I've been creating memories since 92' AKA I am 26, soon turning 27 at the end of August which makes me a Virgo. I don't want to bore you, and sound cliche about my biography and tell you about my experiences, etc. I want to share with the world my introspective views on the obstacles I have overcome in this thing we call "life", and how I managed being where I am today. My aim on my blog is to help you realize, and hopefully convince you that you have the power to defeat the shit life throws at you with my slangs of wisdom, and confidance. Okay? Okrrrrr.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


Get it together if you want it more than ever, 
Put it together if you praise it more than ever.
Make the better for the better not for the butter. 
You matter at all times, 
don't loose balance, 
keep it static, 
show yoself what you got, 
you the shit ma', this made life shit.. I was made for that shit. 
I am the shit!!

Friday, April 19, 2019

embrace your wrongs

Everyone and their mothers' have made mistakes. We all know we are NOT perfect but yet we want to portray that image. So we do the best we can to not show society how imperfect we are. Well, that's impossible because making mistake makes you imperfect. Mistakes are part of our journey, we are learning new things about ourselves such as, how far can one go or the outcome of a certain situation/problem. But unfortunately, when you make a mistake, you tend to be embarrassed or ashamed of yourself. Now, you become fearful of your mistake, and feel a whole bunch of different emotions. I know that feeling, I definitely have made a lot of wild mistakes in my life, but I learned to embrace them. Embracing a mistake is the first path to learning about yourself. I must admit that it is hard when we live in a world where people will be judging you from every corner of your next or current move to state an opinion. Like bruh... nobody asked you!

Making mistakes is part of evolving, and creating who you are. You take the risks of making that mistake, even if you are aware of the consequences, but the thrill convinces you to do it anyway. A mistake is how your learn to not commit the same one/s again, and yes you might do it again, shit can even haunt you down. The best thing to do is embrace that shit, and keep it pushing. Why live in a mistake when you can live from it? Whenever you feel wrong about a mistake that you're ashamed of, ask yourself what did you learn from it, and/or how did it make you feel? Was it harsh? Well then don't do it again. Or is it one of those mistakes that it feels so good knowing that is wrong? Def been there, and it is hard AF! A mistake is always going to be something that you have to think twice about doing, or else it won't be a mistake. Just remember that a mistake can either make your or break you, but you have the power to control it or let it control you. The best way is to admit that you are wrong, and embrace that you're human, and that shit happens!